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Kompak In, a family-owned (from father to son) business is a provider of wholesale and commercial grade plastic poly bags and film for all industries. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards for all our products and customer service, as well as having great wholesale prices.

No matter what, you can rest assured that we will provide the best quality plastic bags and film for the best value because we know that even the simplest of orders are important no matter what the job.

Depend on Kompak In to build your business — we won't let you down.


Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Medicine, Steel production, Industrial/Machinery, Electrical and electronics, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Transportation, Textiles



Kompak In uses multiple extrusion lines with a wide range of die sizes to produce your custom products. Our extrusion lines are equipped with computerized screw gravimetric dosage systems where different base materials and plastic additives are mixed precisely and consistently. Additives include ultraviolet inhibitors, anti-static, anti-block and others. Our machines offer exceptional thickness control and flat rolls to meet your exact specifications.

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